Superb shows

highnote20130719Two of the island’s emerging gospel artists will share the headline act at a major concert tomorrow at the Western Light Church of the Nazarene, Oxnards, St. James.

The not-too-well known Raphael Saul and the better known John Yarde will be the featured artists at the event which is using the theme Rhema – Songs of Heaven.

These two will be supported on stage by Mya Daniel, Andre Belle, Mylon Clarke and Marc Isaacs out of Trinidad and Tobago. The New Dimensions Dancers will also provide expressions of gospel in dance.

The extravaganza starts at 6 p.m. and everyone over 10 years of age is being charged $20, while all others have to pay $10.

Meanwhile, another big gospel concert is scheduled to take place next Saturday at the Christian Holiness Church Gates of Praise in St. Christopher, Christ Church. This will be in aid of worship leader Edward Paul, who will shortly launch his debut album. Edwards is expected to perform three songs from that album.

The fund-raising show will begin at 7 p.m.

Also coming up on August 11, is yet another massive Christian musical event, featuring perhaps, the most exciting and exhilarating gospel artist in the Caribbean.

It’s De Warrior In Concert at the Sanctuary Empowerment Centre on Country Road, St. Michael. The theme of the concert is drawn from one of De Warrior’s greatest hits De Blood All Over Me. In fact, it’s my favourite track.

He will be supported by various guest acts and the programme begins at 6:30 p.m. A small $20 fee is being charged if you buy a ticket, but $25 at the door. Children’s tickets are $10 each, otherwise they will pay $15 at the door.

So put that date on your calendar and begin saving for your entrance fee. This one is expected to be really memorable and worth every cent.

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