Happy campers

summercampsstjamesprimarygirlsEverything they need may not yet be in place, but organisers and children attending one St. James camp are having a ball with summer activities.

The St. James Primary School Government-sponsored summer camp in Trents, St. James caters to children from the ages of four to 15 and will be running until August 23.

Deputy Camp Director Glenda Farmer who spoke to Barbados Today said there is always a high level of enthusiasm coming from the participants.

“Every camp that we have had the [eagerness] is there, although you are dealing with different age groups of campers… We will be going to different tours [such as] Harrison’s Cave, a visit to Welchman Hall Gully and a picnic to Farley Hill,” Farmer said.

summercampsstjamesprimaryboysOne of the challenges that she said came this year was that there were not a lot of craft items to work, but they were managing to improvise.

Camp Counselor of the 13 to 15 category, Tanya Clarke, said that for the camp this year she found that the supplies were limited.

“What we have so far are canvas and some arts and craft but through the course of the camp we will have to buy some supplies of our own so that they will have something to do while they are here; they cannot be bored all day long.

“However, it is really like a little family here, when they see us outside of camp they will still shout us so it is like they have to find something to do so they would not have to be home. There are no other challenges — just the lack of supplies,” Clarke added.

One of the campers, nine year old Nakiya Harewood, spoke to Barbados TODAY she was enjoying every day at summer camp.

“My favorite part of camp is playing Duck Duck Goose, Dodgeball and Donkey. I would tell other people to come to this camp because it is very fun and you get to play a lot of games.” (MR)

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