Brother’s a ‘playa’

I have a simple question. If you knew that your brother was sleeping with another brother’s girlfriend, what would you do?

Maybe I should say suspect, because it is not like I caught them in bed or anything like that, but when you know a person for years there are certain things you recognise.

My youngest brother is the quiet, trusting type and unless he sees something with his own eyes, especially if it is something negative, he will not believe it. It is one of his qualities. That certainly is not me. I don’t trust a fellow and most of the time I am right when I form a judgement on someone.

In the last six weeks or so I have seen my brother who is just under me, and who feels he must have more woman than anybody else, getting too cosy with little brother’s girlfriend. The truth is I don’t trust her either, because a woman who always wants money as much as she does will do the wrong things to get it.

I saw my brother, the one just under me looking at this really hot dress in town a few Saturday’s ago, and then believe it or not the next weekend I saw the girlfriend in it. I heard her talking about going to this fete and the next thing you know my brother going to the same fete.

Two Friday nights ago I went to the drive-in and saw a car like his parked. I can’t swear it was his because I could not make out the number and I did not go close to check, but just before the snackette closed this same girlfriend got out the same car and went to get food.

I know this is not going to end nice because while she can walk away when the trouble starts, my family is going to be in turmoil for a long time.

I am mad to confront her. What do you think I should do?

Scared Brother

Since Yuh Asked, SB, I suggest you be real sure before you go accusing. What you have said certainly would raise suspicion, but I don’t think you have enough evidence to make any allegations. At the same time, however, I agree this is a kind of situation that by the time you get the evidence it might to too late to stop the explosion.

Therefore, I suggest you go about it another way. For now ignore the girlfriend, and instead speak privately with the brother you suspect. Don’t go accusing him, but instead point out to him you are uncomfortable with how close they are and let him know you believe it could create a rift with your youngest brother, even if nothing is going on. He should be sensitive to such a suggestion, given his love for philandering.

If that does not work, speak to her and let her know you have no intention of letting an outsider create mischief in your family. In the meanwhile, remain observant because unless they are the two most cold-hearted persons on the earth, they will not be comfortable getting close knowing they are under scrutiny.

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