Beyond Bim

by Alicia Sinckler

Hundreds of partygoers across the Caribbean could be happily going back to school during the summer vacation.

If all goes according to plan, says Wadadah, their popular Back To School Fete will be held in neighbouring Caribbean countries.

Speaking to Barbados TODAY during this year’s fete on Wednesday night at Kensington Oval, Gregory Gaskin, a member of Wadadah noted that as a production, the Back to School fete has blossomed tremendously in Barbados as evident by the consistently high numbers of patrons who continue to support the event every year.

Recognising this, Wadadah will embark to spread the popularity of its success beyond our shores, with plans of having Back to School parties throughout the Caribbean in the near future, and immediate plans already in the works for New York City as early as next year.

When you mention the name Wadadah immediately people think of good music, good drinks, and a good time with friends, and this year their feature fete, Back to School the Games Clothes Edition did not disappoint.

Although the crowds were reasonable by Wadadah’s standards, hundreds of partygoers steadily filled The Kensington Oval grounds clad in school uniforms of varying styles and fashions to enjoy the camaraderie and revelry of the first official Wadadah fete for Crop-Over 2013.

This year, immediately noticeable, was the change in trends in the uniforms worn by most patrons.

Gaskin revealed the diligence that was taken to ensure that enthusiasts of the event understood that rowdiness, lewdness nor extreme outfits are not the representation his organisation desires the public to have, and described the avid campaigning that was executed to ensure the promoting of the event as a clean wholesome fun-loving party.

He also spoke of the utilisation of social media sites like the Wadadah Facebook page, and any other opportunities that would lend to promoting the positive aspects of the renown Back to School fete.

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