Fit Fabee

by Donna Sealy

Calypsonian Fabian Fabee Bartlett is taking control of his health.

Mindful that he was getting on in age – his term, not mine – he decided to head to the Join & Develop Fitness Gym gym where he works out three to four days weekly.

“I always used to eat relatively healthy, I was an athlete from school, I played volleyball for Barbados and I played a lot of sports at school (Combermere School). I still play football and volleyball to this day, so I was always relatively on point when it came to treating my body well. I realised I was getting on in age, it sounds a bit strange coming from someone who’s 31, but if you don’t focus on your health when you’re relatively young, it’s going to be difficult to break into a habit at 40 or 50 [years] that you were never ever doing when you were young,” he told LOVING ME.

So from February, Fabee who sings with Headliners Calypso Tent changed his focus and started working out with trainer Jonathan Bishop and so pleased was he with his results that he was modelled one of the costumes for the Grand Kadooment band Zulu International when it launched in May.

“I know Jonathan for a long time, we used to go to church together back at Abundant Life years ago, I was a teenager then,” he said with a chuckle. “I know he’s good at getting results. He helped tailor my programme [and while] I make my own contribution any advice he’s given has been tremendous.”

What does he eat?

“I have a very strict diet, I tend to drink loads and loads of water. I eat fish and chicken mainly, I may dabble here and there, I have a weakness for pudding and souse and when it comes to Saturdays me and my pudding and souse we, we …,” he said before breaking into laughter.

“Outside of that usually it’s a lot of fish and salad, chicken and salad, that’s probably my meal on an every day basis. I would probably use a very healthy chicken soup once a week if I could, but that’s how I try to eat.

“The hardest part of exercising has nothing at all to do with the gym. The hardest part is what you do outside of the gym. You can go to the gym and workout, leave and go running and it doesn’t matter, your body really responds to how you eat. If you exercise all you want and go home and eat two cheeseburgers, drink a big bottle of coke, what you have done is nullify anything that you have done in the gym. The discipline really comes from outside of the gym and not in it,” Fabee said.

Cardio plays a big role in his workout, as the Pic-O-De-Crop Semifinalist said, no two days in the gym are the same.

“I do different things on different days, there’s no typical workout. The one thing I would not neglect is cardio. I always try to make sure I get in cardio either before or after, I try to do a lot of ab work and I like to do a lot of skipping, I love skipping because it is a full body workout, it is almost as good as running. We go running on the beach a lot, we go [there] on Wednesday evenings to train, that’s good running on the dead sand, but skipping is great if you can’t get out.

“Since the Crop-Over season kicked in I have neglected the gym, not purposely but time , studio, rehearsals, interviews, radio, TV, I just didn’t have as much time as I would have in the past. I haven’t been going as often as I would have before the Crop-Over season. The diet and everything is still there and I do my own thing at home,” Fabee stated.

“You can’t stay home and be a star” was his response to balancing his social activities and his healthy lifestyle, one of which is to walk with a bottle of water and drink a lot of it.

Additionally, he is able to eat a piece of grilled chicken or fish when he gets hungry.

“Once you have maintained a certain comfort level then a cheeseburger here and there is not going to kill you but it is not something you ant to do on a consistent basis. That should be the exception as opposed to the rule,” the entertainer added.

And when Crop-Over climaxes on August 5 for 2013, Fabee said he will be in “full 2014 mode”.

“Certain elements of the festival I have already started to plan for 2014. Thankfully this year, because I’ve written for a couple people, others have already approached me about writing for them for next year, of course I have to find time to write for me. There’re some projects I’ll be working on. I’m doing a reggae song with the male a cappella group G-Syndicate, as soon as the season ends …. I’ll be doing little things to remind the public that Fabee still exists outside of Crop-Over …,” the Semifinalist said with a chuckle.

Before he takes to the stage tomorrow night to sing his first song – No More Points – at position number 17, he will say a prayer, ever mindful that it was God who blessed him with his talent.

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