Chinese restaurants shut down

PORT OF SPAIN — For selling food that was “not even fit for the homeless”, public health inspectors shut down three Chinese restaurants in San Fernando yesterday.

Wans Chinese Restaurant, of Vistabella, and Hap Hing Chinese Restaurant and Chao Chao Chinese Restaurant, of Marabella, were given until Monday to correct the violations or else face further penalties.

San Fernando mayor Dr Navi Muradali, who with public health inspector Alexander Ramnath assessed seven restaurants, said the violations included poor kitchen conditions, absence of updated food badges, dead cockroaches, smoking of cigarettes in the food preparation area, faulty layout and improper food storage.

“The food confiscated was not even fit for the homeless,” Muradali said as city police loaded noodles, roast pork, stir-fried vegetables and other items onto a pick-up.

He said the Public Health Department would spare no effort to keep them closed as long as it took to correct the violations. He added that the San Fernando City Corporation recently had pledged to become the newest member of the PAHO/WHO’s “Healthy City” initiative.

He added: “The health and safety of the public is of utmost priority in the city and the office of the mayor will work with all to ensure our food preparation and handling are first-class.

“They were shut down and they are now supposed to come to the Public Health Department to get their food badges and comply with health regulations. When they are ready to reopen, an inspection will be done. If it is acceptable, they will be allowed to reopen and if it is not they will remain closed.

“In case of repeat offenders, the Public Health Department can deny them food badges and even write to the courts to have their liquor licences denied.” (Guardian)

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