Vinny looking to go places

cropover2013vinnyNineteen-year-old Vinny or Sir Vincent, is hoping to go places with his music.

The singer with the band Lejend, was among those hoping to get a place in the Party Monarch Finals.

“It was personal interests and we had the song prepared for next year and then it was suggested that we bring out a song with a faster tempo. As I wrote the song and then the guys from the band played the instruments. We sang it, produced it and released it this year, so it was a good opportunity to get it into the competition to see how well we would so as first timers,” he said in an interview with Barbados TODAY ahead of the announcement from the NCF of this year’s finalists and Pic-O-De-Crop semifinalists.

The singer, whose real name is Vincent Smith, said his interest in music started about three and a half years ago around, the same time the band started.

“Before that it was a simple shower song but music runs in my family. My father’s a musician, Eric Corbin who plays the steel pan, My grandmother is Francine Edwards, Singing Francine so its heredity. I want to get to the international stage,” he said.

His catchy song reflects his view that Crop-Over is a happy time and therefore it is okay to party, wuk up, and misbehave, albeit responsibly.

He not only judged with Tomorrow’s Children De Partee People with his song It’s Okay but also sang social commentary with the Kingdom of Super Gladiators this Crop-Over season.

That’s not all.

He also has a track with his band mate Joaquin, Ah Feelin’ It.

Joaquin, a member of the Celebration Time Calypso Circus also faced the Party Monarch judges with Play Mas which was produced by Randy Eastmond.

“The guys from the band put together the music and we produced it at Cottage Studios in St. Lawrence. It didn’t take me long to write It’s Okay. When I’m writing I come up with a chorus, when I have that I just go from there. I had the chorus last year and then, seeing we had to prepare the song on short notice I completed it in about a week and a half or so,” he said.

What does he like about Crop-Over?

“The music. Being a musician and a performer, the music is everything to me. That’s what drives the festival, your movements, your energy,” he said with a smile. (DS)

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