Learn from Mandela’s methods

Opposition Leader Mia Mottley is describing former South African President Nelson Mandela as one of the greatest men to walk this earth, as she paid tribute to the ailing anti-apartheid icon who is spending his 95th birthday today in a Pretoria hospital.

Mottley, who is also political leader of the Barbados Labour Party, suggested that Barbadians give Mandela the best birthday gift by contributing selflessly to others.

“Let us pray that God will continue to bless and comfort him at this time; let us give him the best birthday gift by giving selflessly to others, by dedicating just 67 minutes of our time to those who can most benefit from our support and generosity of spirit,” she advised.

South Africans have been asked to mark Mandela’s 67 years of public service, with 67 minutes of charitable acts.

“As we pray for, and celebrate Mandela’s milestone today in Barbados with others across the world, it is my hope that we can also commit to living our lives in a manner that reflects the life of this great man, one of my personal heroes,” declared the Opposition Leader.

Mottley urged citizens to face their individual and collective challenges in this land, characterised by acts of kindness, fearlessness, quiet determination, grace, dignity and endless forgiveness.

Mandela, the statesman, freedom fighter and world leader, has been critically ill with a recurring lung infection since June 8. South African President, Jacob Zuma, who visited Mandela in hospital, said he was encouraged by his progress, as events take place around the world and in South Africa in his honour. (EJ)

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