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Jumping with a difference

cropover2013kadoomentmaskeradeafricanMaskerade promising a high quality experience on the road

A new band is on the scene this year and is billing itself as an alternative to high cost mas’.

First time bandleader, Gina Griffith is striving to keep the cost to the reveller down, while not skimping on substance, and is therefore assuring revellers of a high quality experience on the road.

“The band is for foodies who enjoy revelry. So the attraction is good food before, during and after. Instead of generic snacks on the road there will be ‘Kadooment Tapas.’ It is an epicurean adventure while on the road.

“Yes there will be costumes! The band is called Maskerade and the concept is that members will be wearing masks as they masquerade in their choice of two sections: African and Aztec,” she said.

cropover2013kadoomentmaskeradeaztecGriffith revealed that these two themes where chosen because of the relevance of masks to these cultures.

For the ladies, the African section is a turquoise dashiki accented with red, gold, green and black sequins. The males in this section will wear a dashiki and white short pants.

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