Girl Guides begin they summer with a bang

by Michron Robinson

All good things must come to an end, but today, the last day of the international camp for the Girl Guides 95th Anniversary was still pretty much a hive of activity.

When Barbados TODAY arrived at the Brancker’s, Rockfield, St. Lucy campsite the warm wind was blowing across the line of pitched tents which were established for the roll of 103 campers, including leaders.

The guides who had five days to get comfortable with each other, ranged in age from 13 and 18 and the ranger guides from 18 to 26.

International Commissioner Kurlyne Alleyne said that the camp, themed Save the Girls, Save the World, looked at bringing back the concept of camping in the outdoors.

“We are using this camp to look at survival skills which girls can really use to improve their situation and enhance their lives, especially as it relates to girl guiding activities,” Alleyne explained.

“We have a number of initiatives which the World Wide Association of Girl Guides and Scouts have linked with us about, such as the ‘Stop the Violence’ campaign, the ‘Imagine More’ campaign which is another way of girl guides past and present doing a number of activities that are a little different from what is inside the box. We look at some very extraordinary projects and we also look at some very simple projects.”

Besides improving their camping skills, activities focussed on the personal development of the girls in areas such as improving their public speaking, self defence, ethics and line dancing. Alleyne added that the camp looked holistically at the improvement of mind, body and spirit.

“For one of our campaigns that we launched for the public, the Global Action Theme initiative, we are finding ways that the girls can identify with present day issues. The girls were able to say what kind of world they want for girls, and last Friday we did a session down through Speightstown with the placards relating them to the G.A.T themes and sending a positive message to people to get involved with the particular activities. We want to stop the violence and have a world of peace, women having a voice and stopping teenaged pregnancies [are some of them],” Alleyne said.

The international commissioner added that although the programme did involve a lot of mental work, the physical aspect was very present. She added that the physical activities that bring enjoyment and increases the level of good health were included.

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