Benefits from BMEX

Wilma Springer gets her airline ticket from BMA President David Foster this morning.
Wilma Springer gets her airline ticket from BMA President David Foster this morning.

Some of the island’s manufacturers have secured arrangements to export products to the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States market, as a result of the just-ended BMEX trade show at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre.

This was revealed today by President of the Barbados Manufacturers Association, David Foster.

Foster told Barbados TODAY: “We did have a number of purchasers from the OECS, and a number of them have expressed interest in buying products to stock in their stores in the OECS.

“I wouldn’t necessarily say contracts, but what they have done is to come to Barbados and see the variety of products we do have and to make contacts with the manufacturers to see how they can get the products into their stores.”

He noted that outside of the manufacturers who took part in BMEX, suppliers in the alternative energy sector had also benefited.

“One of the things I saw highlighted significantly this year was alternative energy. I saw at least four suppliers — I can’t say manufacturers, because we don’t have at this time any manufacturers of PV panels and so on, but we do have persons … here who are now supplying the households PV panels,” the business leader pointed out.

“Some of the manufacturers are looking to link the installation of both water heaters and PV panels together in packages. We have seen much of the public actually now understanding that thay can buy a package or both the solar water heater and PV panels together.”

Foster said a number of the financial institutions which provide loans for this type of product participated in the trade expo.

“Here in Barbados, we are trying to highlight the point that we do make excellent products — everything from handcrafted, hand-made products, right through to highly automatic products. It is to be able to showcase their products and in some cases for the manufacturers to launch and get feedback from the public on some new products as well,” the BMA president explained when asked who really benefited from BMEX.

Foster further reasoned that the annual trade exhibition was a mix of giving back to the public in many cases as well as asking the public to participate in new products as well, to give feedback.

This morning, the association gave back to those members of the public who attended the expo. More than 40 door prizes, donated by sponsors and other contributors, were handed out at the BMA’s conference room at the Harbour Industrial Estate.

The prizes ranged from complimentary dinners to airline tickets, cell phones, and small household appliances. The type of prizes received by the awardees was determined by the ticket number they chose on entering the conference room. (EJ)

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