Appreciate our Barbados

For the past couple of days outside has been so hot. Even with the fan directly on me I was still pouring with sweat. I had to leave home and take a nice dip in the sea. Persons who know me would be amazed that I went to the sea as I am not a fan of the water.

Every day most of us get the opportunity to drive and view the beautiful Caribbean Sea but most of us never have the time to actually go for swim. Tourists pay thousands of dollars to experience what we have right at our door steps. I realise that most of us do not appreciate what we have here in Barbados.

I remember hearing a good friend talking about his experience when he went to the United States in the summer. It took him almost two hours to reach a public pool where he could cool off and he said to me that the first thing he said to himself was how lucky we are in Barbados to have the sea at our back door.

I felt a bit bad, being honest, writing this column as there are many attractions I have not been to.

Harrison’s Cave was renovated and I have not been there since primary school. Many of us have never been to many of the attractions that we offer here in Barbados to visitors. It is summer vacation and I would recommend that many of us go and visit some attractions to first get to know our country and also to help those attractions which are currently feeling the strain of low tourist arrivals and spending due to the economic recession.

I will keep saying that in order for this island to get out of the downward spiral with the economy is to support each other. Book a “staycation” or take in one of the many attractions we offer, you will be very surprised at what you learn and experience. We all need to lend a helping hand by supporting each other. Continue to buy Bajan and help our local manufacturers. I always heard the saying home drums beat first, and that is so true today.

With so many persons out of work I fear for my island of Barbados if our economy does not begin to show positive signs of growth real soon. The only thing we can do is for those who are working and can afford it to spend but spend wisely. Many of our businesses are closing or letting go staff which is putting many persons on the bread line.

It is sad because some persons who are without jobs at the moment are not eligible for unemployment benefits. So we need to all be our brother’s keeper and try to lend a helping hand wherever possible.

Always remember a chain is as strong as its weakest link. Have a wonderful week ahead!!

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