Twelve survive ‘crash’

Survivors of the crash leave the broken plane.
Survivors of the crash leave the broken plane.

GEORGETOWN — All 12 people on board an Air Services Limited plane survived an early morning “crash” after the aircraft landed off the Matthews Ridge airstrip in Region One yesterday.

Transport Minister Robeson Benn said that the “plane crashed during bad weather” and the single engine Cessna Caravan “may have (to) be written off”.

The Government Information News Agency said that a Trans Guyana plane had been diverted to the area to ferry out those who may be injured and desirous of returning to Georgetown.

The local website, Demerara said that the ASL plane, under the command of Captain Feriel Ally, ended up in thick vegetation. It quoted authorities as saying that one of the passengers suffered a broken leg.

Benn said a team from the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority will conduct investigations into the accident.

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