Saving Speightstown

Pierre Spenard
Pierre Spenard

A project to save the once bustling historic Speightstown from further decline, has been launched by a businessman who has been operating in that northern town for the past 18 years.

Pierre Spenard, manager of Lattitude Beach Bar and Grill, the former Mango By The Sea, this afternoon unveiled his vision for bringing back life to the place which once came close to rivaling Bridgetown for commerce. Spenard said his project envisaged the creation of a venue at his Lattitude Beach Bar and Grill where Barbadians and visitors could dine at an affordable cost and enjoy top quality “live” entertainment.

The venture also includes a massive life-size mural which has been placed on a wall next to the beach bar and reflects the history of Barbados. Some of the prominent personalities seen on the mural are the later National Hero Errol Barrow and the only living National Hero, Sir Garfield Sobers.

The businessman demonstrated to a team from Barbados TODAY how, when viewed from a distance, the persons on the mural appear to be real, thus creating an illusion.

He is also developing, in association with other northern business operators, a public pathway stretching from his beach bar at the back of the former Mango By The Sea to the Fisherman’s Pub. That walkway, is “fenced” by boulders under an adopt-a-bolder initiative.

revivingspeightstownmuralHe said the bolder project was being done in two phases. Spendard told this newspaper that the first major entertainment package would be held on Saturday night, featuring Brass Soul, this country’s only 12-piece soul/R&B band. The two and a half hour show will be just one in a series by that band.

Plans are also in the pipeline to feature other major local acts as well as overseas artists.

“What is lacking in Speightstown is a nice place at affordable prices. I hope others will jump on board,” Spenard said.

He also revealed that his place would be the venue for a chalk art festival at Independence time, in which experts would come in from Europe and the US to train about 18 Barbadian students in the skill of chalk art. (EJ)

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  1. Lynn Pillings July 17, 2013 at 8:35 am

    Hi All

    I spent two glorious days at Pierres place – Lattitudes – it was absolutately out of this world – food, drinks, chef is amazing, the beach lounges are the best on the Island!!! and of course Pierre himself is wonderful – I miss him and Barbados soooooooo much.



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