Pressure politics

In another act of what has been deemed “cultural terrorism”, the powerful United States has used diplomatic arrangements to impose its evolving value system regarding sexual “rights” on a resistant people.

Call it pressure politics. Note that a similar scenario can pan out in Barbados.

In June 2011, the US Deputy Ambassador to Pakistan, Richard Hoagland, had the audacity to host a gay pride party in this Islamic nation, blatantly ignoring the country’s strong moral, cultural and religious values.

Now, two years later the US has nominated an openly gay ambassador to take up office in the Dominican Republic, a country in which approximately 80 per cent of the population is Catholic and conservative.

Quite understandably, despite the official government stance to welcome Ambassador James Brewster if his nomination is approved, the Dominicans are incensed and according to the Washington Post of July 12, 2013, religious leaders organised a national “Black Monday” protest.

At best, the move by the US government is crassly insensitive. At worst, it is a deliberate act of provocation akin to the strategies employed by gay rights activists. Backed by wealthy political supporters, the latter do not hesitate to target and then haul dissenting bakers, florists, photographers and other service providers before the courts for refusing, as a matter of conscience, to provide services for same sex weddings and celebrations.

Where is the tolerance? Are there no service providers who would be happy and willing to do business that would facilitate the union of same sex couples? Why not solicit these? What ever happened to Article 18 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights?

Do Muslims, Christians and other people of faith no longer have a right to manifest our religion “in teaching, practice, worship and observance”? When rights begin to conflict with ‘rights’, we know that something is definitely wrong!

— Dr. Veronica C. Evelyn

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