Embrace Sir Richard’s views

glineclarkA pillar of St. George and bright star of Barbados whose views should be embraced by Government as it tries to revive the Barbados economy.

That’s how St. George North MP Gline Clarke referred to former longstanding parliamentarian Sir Richard Haynes who died recently.

The Barbados Labour Party spokesman pointed out that like him, Sir Richard was a product of Newbury, St. George and that the former Minister of Finance’s achievements were still praised in his rural home town.

But the former minister said it was also important for the current administration to return to the philosophy and adopt programmes Sir Richard espoused in the Democratic Labour Party’s 1986 manifesto.

“I am saying that it was the Democratic Labour Party that ran away from the policies of Dr. Haynes and of Barrow, they have moved away, and since then the Democratic Labour Party is of the mode of practising social engineering rather than economic engineering as a priority,” he said.

Clarke said over the past 20 years Sir Richard’s philosophy was that “the people must come first”, something he said Prime Minister Freundel Stuart and his administration needed to demonstrate.

“Dr. Haynes never believed in cutting to the disadvantage of people. He felt as a Minister of Finance that you should give tax relief in order to promote the economy… This is the supply side of economics… He believes that austerity measures will lead to the disadvantage of people,” he stated.

“The Government, rather than introducing cut measures at this time…, has to look at the 1986 manifesto and introduce measures that will produce further employment in this country, that will produce enterprises in this country and at the same time will lead to prosperity in this country, whether it is through Government or private. (SC)

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