Colour, foam and fun!

by Alicia Sinckler

cropoverpuffofcoloursmilesVibrant colours of pink, purple, and green powdered paint infused with powder filled the atmosphere around Carlisle House as Crop-Over 2013 received a Puff of Colour.

Now in its fourth year of production, this ever-popular J’ouvert Morning party hosted by the Chelsea Boyzz enjoyed a dramatic increase in its patronage this year and significantly surpassed the projected expectations of its promoters. But not even increased numbers could affect the high quality associated with the Chelsea Boyzz and in particular this year’s event.

This was evidenced by the hundreds of partygoers who waited patiently to gain entry into what is now a staple on the Crop-Over calendar, and who then feted well into the sunlit hours of Sunday morning to the sounds of Mali Fresh and Scott Le Roc, Dirk Mouse, Twister and Pete Rock. In its second year as a land event after the eminent departure of the Harbour Master party boat, the organisers of Puff of Colour still strive to preserve its connections with its beginnings on the high seas through location and novelties. And so, with the mast of the Jolly Roger towering into the night sky as the backdrop, a foam machine spewing green and pink foam, sprinklers and an adult sized water slide prominently featured, a delicate balance between land and water was created. Soon, the combination of paint, powder, water and foam on the suggested white attire of all in attendance was transformed into a multicoloured sea of people partying as one.

cropoverpuffofcoloursmoochKirk Philips, organiser and member of the Chelsea Boyzz in an interview with Barbados TODAY reiterated the dedication and commitment of his group to promoting premium events for patrons.

He acknowledged the growing challenges that are readily faced in successfully producing an event like Puff of Colour, and cited difficulty in finding appropriate venues for fetes during the Crop-Over season as a paramount concern.

He also noted the heavy stipulations and restrictions placed on promoters trying to obtain permission from The Town and Country Planning Development Office as a hindrance. And while he understands the process in theory, he thinks the execution of the process in its current format will ultimately cause the premature death of many of the season’s events by limiting the variety and quality of locations to those already in use.

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