500 more traffic wardens for T&T

PORT OF SPAIN — Cabinet has approved a move to employ approximately 500 more traffic wardens, Works and Transport Minister Suruj Rambachan said yesterday.

The additional wardens, he said, would be a “big help” and was one method by Government to address traffic problems.

He was speaking at the launch at the ministry’s head office, Port-of-Spain, of its Traffic Awareness Week and the commemoration of the establishment of its National Traffic Management Centre.

Rambachan said there were certain aspects of the country’s road culture that “is very disturbing.”

He said the time had come to be less diplomatic and a little more aggressive by letting people know their behaviour on the nation’s roadways was “unacceptable.”

He said he travelled from Chaguanas to Port-of-Spain for more than 20 years and was at his “limit” in dealing with the traffic in the morning. Some people, he said, have to leave home at 4:30 a.m. to get to work which affected their productivity and performance at work.

Rambachan also asked that media used clips developed from information gathered by the National Traffic Management Centre to educate the public on issues, such as speeding, road rage and red light enforcement.

State-owned Caribbean New Media Group will receive information from the ministry to disseminate to the public in a road safety campaign. He said while the partnership was being developed with CNMG, it did not exclude any other television station which would “want to be beneficiaries of these clips and use them in traffic management awareness and traffic delayed management, as well as road safety”.

He said the number plates of people who break traffic lights would also be aired on the television. Rambachan said there was a habit in the society where people hide things that have occurred but unless some people were “named and shamed” for some of the “deviant” road behaviours there would be no change.

He admitted that the traffic management team at the ministry “must do better” and come up with new ideas to address the problem. (Guardian)

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