Pic-O-De-Crop semifinalists

semifinalsbandrehersalThe names have been announced and the positions have been drawn for the Pic-O-De-Crop Semifinalists this Friday night at the Wildey Gymnasium.

The 18 comprises six calypsonians from Cave Shepherd All Stars, four from De Big Show, four from House of Soca, two from Headliners, one from Super Gladiators and one from The Experience Tent.

Positions for the semifinals are:

1. Ian Webster

2. Dre

3. Aziza

4. Smokey Burke

5. TC

6. Blood

7. Kid Site

8. Mr. Dale

9. Chrystal Cummins-Beckles

10. Billboard

11. Mandisa

12. Biggie Irie

13. Colin Spencer

14. Sir Ruel

15. Stalker

16 Adrian Clarke

17. Fabee

18. Serenader

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