Mikey’s moment

thedrawmikeyMikey is ready again – to take back his crowns.

And this morning after pulling position number three in the Sweet Soca competition and number six in the Party Monarch, and then position number 10 in the latter for his team up with partner Blood – he said he was more than comfortable ahead of the Soca Royale finale.

“I’m very happy with the numbers drawn. I must say I am very thankful. I’ve always been blessed to be able to pull good numbers. The number three spot in Sweet Soca is actually the same spot I had last year, so I’m very much looking forward to that, but the Party Monarch step was a very good one for Ready Again. And then for Soka Kartel, number 10, yeah, I feeling good,” said the four crown reigning monarch.

Last year, despite extremely good performances at Soca Royale in both competitions, Mikey was still amazed when he took both the Sweet Soca and the Party Monarch crowns, standing on stage almost in shock as his name was called twice for his ultimate success.

He then went on to claim the People’s Monarch as well as the Tune of the Crop title with We Loose, to end what he then said was a phenomenal year and one he is hoping to repeat.

While he admitted that nerves were inevitable on the day of competition, the award-winning karate practitioner said he approached it like any other contest, with focus and determination.

“It is the same as karate. It makes no sense me getting nervous now, I get nervous on the date. Everybody gets nervous, but I get nervous on the day. I don’t get nervous so far, to me that is a waste of nerves. So I actually use my nerves to build my adrenaline and all such. So right now I good,” he said, with a brisk, affirming nod, adding that plans were already in place and he was rearing to go.

The monarch will be bringing his slower paced Enjoy Meh Life for the Sweet Soca competition and pitting his uptempo Ready Again, against his nine other competitors in the Party Monarch, though he will still be hoping to do well in the Soka Kartel duo with Roll It. (LB)

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