Embrace dialect

dialectedwinLeave Porgie and Murda alone!

That’s the position of popular Entertainer Edwin Yearwood who told Barbados TODAY that “we need to embrace our dialect”.

His comments come in light of criticism from some people about their use of dialect.

“My advice to them is do not let no man or woman come and try to change them and don’t feel as if they have to defend using dialect. If they were speaking the Queen’s English from start they would never get 10 per cent of the attention they get now.

“There’s nothing wrong with encouraging young people to speak properly it will help but then make that statement for across the board. What they should seek to do with these young talented guys. Let them encourage others to go after goals and cut the violence, read more, go to school. Not talk nonsense about dialect.

“I want my children to be able to speak English. But I am proud of my heritage and it deserves promoting. I’m so proud today as even though it means little to some people that the culture of soca uses Bajan dialect from bumper to wuk up. It used to be bamsie and wine. If Madd did skits in proper English there would never have been a Bacchanal Time tent or anything that sprang off from their contributions,” Yearwood said.

He said the critics were really missing the point as Porgie and Murda were portraying every day life in the hood, where “very few politicians really go”.

“Don’t try to take away what is unique it’s the reason why we always calling some one famous a son of the soil who never heard about Barbados we want other people things not enough of our own. So hey yes to teaching proper English but do that all over. On the buses, on the benches in camps. Don’t take away what they’ve built. I know where they came from, I know them well. They are very intelligent young people and to my mind it is some of the best acting I’ve seen in the Caribbean,” he said. (DS)

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