Wanton women

Dear Ask, do you think it is right for women to be hitting on other women so openly at fetes and don’t want to take no for an answer.

I am sick of it. I am not a lesbian and I’m tired of the way they are trying to convert all women in Barbados to their way of life. I am not interested and neither are my friends.

I mean this constant behaviour will mean the end to me and my friends going out for the rest of Crop-Over.

We know we look good and we don’t mind meeting new friends but not these “men who want to take us home”.

Take us home and do what?

We like going out and we like dressing up, we like the fetes and the limes but these wannabe men are big nuisances. Some of them are musty, look bad and talk just as bad. They don’t know how to dress, eat, and I can go on.

They are giving men a bad name! I really do not need to hear what they will try to do because there is no way in hell they could do what a man is supposed to do. NO WAY!

I hope that the one at that fete who was hanging out around the bar wearing that red shirt would stop pursuing me and my friends before we call the police to stop her from harassing us. This is not the first time “it” has been hitting on us, wanting to buy us drinks and take us home and show us what a good time really was “instead of the foolish men wunna got” who don’t know how to “treat a woman real good”.

I don’t know when this lesbianism craze started in this country but I hope it ends soon before someone gets shot or killed.

Love A Good Man

Since Yuh Asked LAGM, I must say this is a tough one. I am not sure what to say to you, except that it really deserves no more attention from you than a man hitting on you. I am not making a case for one variety of sexual relationship over another, but what I am saying is that you should not let these things ruin your night out.

If you were at a fete or a bar and men were constantly approaching you and your friends, depending on who they are and how they approach you, you would respond according. Do the same with any woman who wants to play the role of a man — dismiss her, forget about her and get on with your business.

What is certain is that you will not stop any of them from going after anyone they consider legitimate prey and therefore you should not let them raise your blood pressure. Let them know you are not interested and if they persist let them know you are not interested in their kind.

But please, don’t lose sleep over their preferences.

Before I close though, I must agree with you. My observation is that the practice of women hitting on women is widespread in this country and growing. It really does look like men these days have more competition from women than they do from other men — and it is not just in the fete because I hear young and not so young women complaining about it when they are shopping, when they are at school, when they are at the beach. It just seems like the thing to do these days.

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