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‘Serving’ under the sun

This is how we do it: A camp director giving some of the campers directions during a song session.

This is how we do it: A camp director giving some of the campers directions during a song session.

The Church of the Nazarene in Collymore Rock for the next three weeks will be known as God’s Backyard Vacation Bible School Under the Sun.

Running from the July 8 to 28, Camp Director Kim Wooding said that one of the focusses for the camp will be serving.

“We will be serving our family, friends, neighbours, community and especially we will be serving Jesus. From 9-9:30 a.m. we will have backyard dash which will be worship and after that we will have backyard Bible Club which will be the topic that they will be dealing with on that day and after that we will be doing our community corner,” she said.

Wooding pointed out that the enthusiasm level of the campers was high and she noted that before the camp started, she was filled with excitement because of her love for children.

“My goal for them was to just reverence God, have good manners, behave themselves and to be grounded. I was happy about the start of the camp and definitely so far it is going good. It would be nice [though] to have a few more programmes for the young people, we are planning and working on it so in the future we will schedule them differently,” she said.

Nine-year-old Darien Benn said: “Camp is like the best thing that I have done in the summer and it is everyday, so I could chill and not go to school. There are a lot of memory verses that we learn and my favourite is John 3:16 [also] the most exciting thing about camp for me is to help the teachers”. (MR)

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