Good leadership the solution

Sir, the most important aspect of the titanic task confronting us, is leadership.

I am certain that both within and without Government, and including the Bajan Diaspora, there is the brain-power; the resources; the determination to create a new Barbados that will carry us forward for the next 50 years.

This effort will require every breathing Bajan to “get on board”: meaning, to accept the short-term sacrifices in order to gain long-term sustainability; to have the confidence in ourselves; and to pass on a viable Barbados to those following.

Whilst the “heavy-lifting” will rest mostly on the shoulders of our working-age folks, we dare not overlook our younger folks, our seniors, and even those now in primary and secondary schools. Yes, adversity is really opportunity to re-invent ourselves, to cast-off worn-out, out-dated, archaic things and to do better than our competitors!

Even with a realistic, bold, and fresh national blue-print in hand, we absolutely must have a leader who will communicate this to all sectors of society and commerce; all stripes of political persuasion; to convince us as individuals that you and I are not just part of the problem, but absolutely key to the solution.

Now, if Dipper would only pop-up on TV tonight, and without once glancing down at a script, speak to our souls, we could get started tomorrow.

— Tony Webster

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