Blackett laid to rest

bajaninnyblacketteSome years ago, Wilfred Blackett (senior) after a stint in Panama, migrated to the US and sowed the seed for what has become a community, at Stroud Street, Brooklyn.

Last Friday, the Blacketts of Stroud Street and friends assembled at Stephen Legall’s funeral home, at Empire and, to say farewell to Jean — brother of Wilfred and Kenneth — who recently passed away after a short illness.

As with most Stroud Street events, the community was presence was so large that attendance at the three-hour wake and service spilled over into the side walk in the front of the funeral home. Jean Blackett was praised by all for her contribution in many different fields of endeavour. In attendance were at least three generations of Blackett’s and members of NABO members associations who were in town for the NABO weekend conference.

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