Then and now

cropoverartgallerypompeySomething in de Music: The Journey of Calypso in Barbados is an exhibition calypso lovers should not miss.

It is a chance for you to trace the development of calypso in Barbados thanks to the Barbados Museum & Historical Society.

On view are costumes worn by calypsonians, trophies they won, musical instruments played by calypsonians, records and original sheet music of calypsos – all of which have been loaned for the exhibition by some of Barbados’ leading calypsonians. Members of the public will hear a variety of calypsos as they explore what makes a calypso a calypso, and techniques such as call and response and double entendre. Rhythm and melody in traditional Barbadian calypso will also be juxtaposed against the modern incarnation of the art form in the present day.

cropoverartgallerywinnerVisitors to the exhibition will be able to trace how calypso became socially acceptable, moving away from what it was disparagingly known as ‘Banja’, and will learn about iconic Barbadian calypsonians and calypso bands.

The exhibition continues through to September 28.

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