Callie’s big change

by Michron Robinson

Callie exercising at home.
Callie exercising at home.

It took sweat. It took blood and a whole lot of tears for Callie who had to battle mind over body to lose weight after the birth of her son four years ago.

The 2005 calendar girl and multi genre singer said that she first decided to lose weight because she was not feeling very comfortable with herself and felt reluctant to go on stage which resulted in a two year break from performing.

“I told myself I need to get back out there so I had a game plan from last year that I needed a total transformation. I said you know what first the weight got to come off then I got to do something with my hair because I wanted a total different look then I decided to change calender girl and just make a fresh start so I decided to change from Calender girl to Callie,” the 5 foot 7” tall singer with a bubbly personality said during an interview with LOVING ME.

Anything worth while takes plenty of sacrifice and for Patricia Callender who is a member of the House of Soca calypso tent, it was no different.

The alumna of the Deighton Griffith Secondary School said that her weight loss was no where near easy and it was really hard for her. With a laugh she noted, there were days where she would sit and cry.

“I would look at certain people who had babies and I would say I do not believe they let themselves get so big and they stay that way …nine days after my son was born my weight came right on and I was not eating any junk food and the weight just came on and took three years and some to come off!” Callie recalled.

lovingthenewme”Yea I was battling, so last two years I said ‘you know what after I went to Soca on De Hill and I saw people on the stage performing, everyone was like ‘you should be up there performing [telling me] do not bother about the weight’. My weight was never a secret or the way how I felt about my weight was never a secret to anyone because I was so insecure that I would actually sometimes even put on bigger clothes than usual and when people asked me to go out I would be ‘ I do not know what to put on and I am going to look even bigger’. You would always hear me complaining about my weight,” the St. Philip resident said. Boasting that she was always a girl with big hips and thick legs, Callie said after her son she was packing 200 plus pounds after previously weighing about less than her present weight of a 165. And this year with her new weight Callie said she feels more comfortable, so much so she daringly performed at Outrageous in Red wearing a lace body hugging outfit with no hang-ups whatsoever about how she looked.

With her renewed figure, the Wuk Up De Bumpa singer said with excitement evident in her now hoarse voice after facing the Party Monarch judges last night at the Yacht Club, that she could fit into all her old outfits, jeans and dresses.

“I am a clothing freak, I like shopping like any other lady and I love, love, love clothes … I know I was losing weight but when I realised I put on a pair of jeans that I had before my son and the jeans was actually fitting loose I started to laugh and I told myself ‘oh my gosh the weight is off’ … the weight is finally coming off and it feels real good, it feels so good!” Callie exclaimed.

With some help of a fat burning product she was able to lose some of her weight but she said she also had to go into the gym.

The 33-year-old artist also shared that she tries her best to eat properly although she is a lover of chocolate which she makes an effort not to eat every day.

“I love vegetables so I would eat vegetables and not eat meat for a month, two months because I am not really a meat lover … for the two months that I stopped eating meat I was not eating any starches and honestly I did not get sick. I went to work and everyone thought I was crazy until my mind was accustomed to it and my mom would argue, she would say – ‘you are only going to eat a spoonful of rice? … Once I have my salad dressing I am good,” she said.

Callie also encourages other people to lose weight because she knows what it is like to have weight on.

“I tell them to eat properly although I do not eat properly all the time but I still have to do it to maintain [my weight]. If I do not have the time to go into the gym like for a couple months, and I have not been in the gym, so being at home I would do some squats pick up these little dumbbells and still try to keep the arms toned and on the Ab King Pro [I would be] doing sit ups. So you still have to eat properly or not you will see the results in the weight gain,” she advised.

The artist said that once again she feels like how she felt in 2005 and disclosed that she just cannot keep quiet on stage. Last year when she was singing social commentary she said she felt very uncomfortable even though she lost some of the weight.

“So now I can do more and it is really comfortable,” Callie said with a smile.

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