Be thankful!

I looked out at gloomy skies on Tuesday morning and the words from that famous hymn came to mind:

O God our help in ages past

Our hope for years to come

Our shelter from the stormy blast

And our eternal home.

On Tuesday morning the sky was blue and the sun was shining. While preparing breakfast I found myself singing, “The Lord has been the people’s guide for past three hundred years”; surely it must be more than that by now.

But in between there I got real, real vex because yet again my people, God’s people, get on real ignorant. I really thought we were past pointing fingers and wagging tongues about the Meteorological Service don’t know what they doing.

A few years ago Tomas rushed by us and we had persons jumping up and quarrelling about the need to be better informed in a timely manner. The Met Office was pointed out to be the most inept organisation or rather “disorganisation” on the island.

A few days ago, warning was given and as usual Barbadians waited until the last minute and flocked into the supermarkets and mini marts and gas stations, the same way they did when they didn’t get ample notice.

But worse than that, having been spared the wrath of Tropical Storm Chantal — no flooding, no roofs blown off — we start to complain, again.

“The Met office exaggerated what was actually going on”, “there was no need to shut down the country”, “many persons now have access to information just like the Met Office and knew the real story”, and I must say, it made me open my mouth. Actually it brought tears to my eyes hearing the ignorance of some people and I had to get a hold of myself because I started shouting at my radio.

“Therefore keep watch, because you do not know the day or the hour.” Matthew 25:13

This is the last verse in the parable of the five wise and five foolish virgins where five were prepared and the five that were not got locked out after waiting until the last minute to get prepared. The foolish had their say and I would like them to leave the talking for the wise.

Just a reminder, the annual Atlantic Hurricane Season started on June 1, and runs all the way down to November 30, we should already be prepared. So if you went and buy all the tuna and biscuits there are still four more months during which you might be called on to use them. It ain’t over!

So ungrateful, or rather home with nothing to do, we even had people complaining about who should have given the “all clear”, or more specifically that the Attorney General had no right speaking on the matter, that was a job for a technical person.


The thing is, I heard the AG repeatedly stating he was giving way to the experts and urging all in his hearing to do likewise.

A few weeks ago, it was supposed to be a politician or more specifically the Prime Minister, who was to speak about the removal of the Commissioner of Police.

I don’t care for politics, but let me say what really galls me is that a few months ago we had the opportunity to enact change and we chose not to. I went to political meetings, I watched the streams and all I heard was men and women degrading each other — Mia Motley being the exception.

I heard or saw nothing that remotely indicated that the current Government was going to make things any better, I got no impression there was a tunnel out of this situation far less light at its end. Further from that, they stressed that things would remain the same, change or betterment was not promised.

I heard economist and business persons offering, not suggestions, but solutions; none were taken on board. But suddenly we have persons picking at everything done by the Government they wanted.

This is not time to be political; this is time to be thankful.

Again is seems as if persons were upset because nothing happened. Nature is a force we in Barbados generally underestimate.

I was left wondering though: Are we in a position financially to deal with the ravages and rebuilding of anything? The aftermath of a storm or hurricane calls for more than biscuits, tuna, water and scotch tape.

Now is not the time to get complacent and arrogant, not is the time to give thanks and pray that we have a safe hurricane season.

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