Bahamas urged to retain death penalty

Commission Chairman Sean McWeeney
Commission Chairman Sean McWeeney

NASSAU — The Constitutional Commission recommends that The Bahamas keep the death penalty on its books and also keep the Privy Council as its final court of appeal.

However, the commission recommends that the law be amended to increase the likelihood that the death penalty would be carried out.

The commission recommends that the government amend the law to “tie the hands” of the Privy Council.

At a special ceremony at the British Colonial Hilton hotel yesterday, the commissioners made public their 250-page report detailing a wide range of recommendations.

It came nine months after they were appointed by Prime Minister Perry Christie.

Commission Chairman Sean McWeeney noted that the Privy Council has ruled that the death penalty can only be carried out in cases that are considered the “worst of the worst” or the rarest of the rare.

In the report, the commission said to ensure that the executive is able to carry out the death penalty in a case which the courts have determined would warrant it, the government may have to consider amending the law to prevent challenges to the death penalty. (Nassau Guardian)

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