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juniorsdrawforplacesAfter a keenly contested prelims and semi-finals, the stage is set for a ding-dong battle of the Scotiabank’s Junior Calypso Monarch Finals.

This morning at Scotiabank’s Sky Mall location, the 16 finalists in the two categories pulled the numbers to determine the order in which they will appear at the July 20 showdown at the Garfield Sobers Complex.

Chief Executive Officer of the National Cultural Foundation Cranston Browne, in his remarks stated that in no way would he envy the job of the judges because of the very tough decisions that they would have to make regarding the level of talent seen with the young calypsonians.

“The Scotiabank Junior Calypso Monarch programme is near and dear to our hearts because through it we are able to witness the future of calypso. I have used the word programme and not competition because it is designed to be more developmental and its workshops provide everything from vocal training, including breathing techniques and voice projection to performance preparation – improving their confidence on stage,” Browne said.

He added that the goal of the NCF was to see the development of the young artists in terms of excellent calypso and for them to become the next song writer, composer or performer. He said that two of the juniors had penned their own songs, which was a display of the benefits of the programme.

“The ultimate success of the programme is the transition of the juniors into the Pic-O-De-Crop, standing toe to toe with this country’s seasoned veterans, that is when we begin to realize that the future of calypso is very much alive,” Browne added.

The NCF’s Cultural Officer for Music Education and Producer of the Junior Monarch competition, Ronald Davis, stated that this year the 13-18 category saw an increase in those who registered for the competition with 43 competitors and 31 in the 8-12 category.

“They put their heart into the whole thing; it was not just coming on stage and singing a song but it was also living the song on stage. I believe that is why we had the type of audience we had … because this year the standard, quality and talent is extremely high,” Davis said.

The running order of the finalists in the 8-12 category would be: (1)Raanan Raanan Hackett; (2) Trevon Mighty King Callender; (3) Princess Mighty Makeda Thomas; (4) Kymorhi Mighty KT Trotman; (5) Daryan DJ Jordan; (6) Quinn Quinn P Prescott; (7) reigning monarch Jazz Jazz-Z Gittens and (8) Asher Dynamo Murrell.

The order for those of the 13-18 category are; (1)Chad De MC Montplaisir; (2) Aziza Aziza Clarke; (3) Gregerson Young G Abraham;(4) Rabiah Small One Clarke; (5) Samantha Sammy G Greaves; (6) Teri Sparkle T Williams-Niles; (7) Charice Honesty Walrond and reigning monarch Aisha Mandisa Butcher at number 8. (MR)

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