There is still hope

With so much despair in our community and a Government which produces fig leaf after fig leaf to cover the despair which only leads a feeling of hopelessness, know that there is hope.

Keep this day of hope for it will be with you forever. Hope leads to belief — belief in the Master, belief in the Father, belief in your brothers and sisters in the celestial heaven. They work constantly to bring hope to the peoples of the earth never mind they (the people) do not always appreciate it.

Great will be tomorrow. Look to the horizon of hope. See the trees, the sunshine sparkles through, see the sky blue as blue can be. See the stars in the night sky. See the love of the Father permeating all things. This is hope, this is what it looks like. Live hope, dream hope it will become your reality.

Yes, prayer is essential. Pray always sincerely, with feeling not mere emotion. Feel the prayer coming from deep within you — not by shouting and hollering, not by chanting and singing but by the sweet soft voice from within calling upon the Father for His love and guidance, His peace and His beauty, His health and wealth of spirit, His devotion to you and all mankind. Say to the Father that you come to Him in hope and supplication at this time. Ask Father God to hear your prayer to heal us as He sees fit.

Truth can only be discerned by those seeking truth. It may jump up and slap others in the face yet they will reject it as of no consequence. If, however, it is sought it will be revealed to all with open eyes, ears and mind. Truth can never be sullied. It may be changed by greater truth but it is still true at that (original) level of understanding. Seek the truth in the message not the messenger.

The Father has everything in control in His universe not just here on earth. Be of good cheer, look to the future with hope. Yes, love is good, continue to love and support those you do. Focus on the Father and pray more. Hope today, tomorrow will bring change for the better. Love always with Divine Love in your heart and soul.

— Michael Rudder

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