Some Cave Hill projects privately funded

Paul Altman
Paul Altman

Some of the projects carried out at the Cave Hill Campus of the University of the West Indies are funded privately, says Chairman of the Cave Hill Campus, Paul Altman.

He made this disclosure today during an interview with Barbados TODAY as Principal of the Cave Hill Campus, Professor Sir Hilary Beckles, complained that there was a lack of funds to execute some projects at the institution.

”I might go up to the university and meet with the Principal, Professor Sir Hilary Beckles, and say I would like to provide the funds for the Mandela Park. Is he going to tell me no? That has nothing to do with financial problems. A lot of what you see happening at the Cave Hill Campus is privately funded by donors, companies and individuals,” the Managing Director of Altman Real Estate argued.

The chairman explained that the Cave Hill Campus makes its own money too as it takes in students and collects fees, so the fact that it gets a major assistance from government is separate to the fact that it gets money on its own.

”It is a big institution that caters to the approximately 9,000 students and therefore requires a lot of funding and management,” he added.

Altman argued that when one thinks about the $170 million owed the Cave Hill Campus, and the government spends hundreds of millions of dollars on paying salaries to workers, it makes the money the Cave Hill Campus gets from government look small.

Government has major obligations to take care of including all the cost of running the country and the Cave Hill Campus is part of that cost, he asserted.

Earlier, Altman had pointed out that an institution does not stop doing business because of financial problems, but has to solve the problems or do its best to solve the problems.

”The development of the UWI is something that must be continuous. You still have to put gas in your car if you have financial problems,” he added. He maintained that the leadership of the university must maintain certain standards and objectives. (NC)

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