Roving team always ready


Roving Team members securing bags filled with sand.
Roving Team members securing bags filled with sand.

While Barbadians were battering down, buying up and getting prepared, a group of emergency response guys were out and about in the midst of a different kind of preparation.

Members of the well-known Roving Response group were preparing sand bags for some of the more essential services to place in doorways to guard against any flooding that might have resulted from the passage of Tropical Storm Chantal yesterday.

While it turned out that there was not enough rain to produce the kind of flooding that would normally require this kind of response, as the saying goes – “better prepared than sorry” – an adage these guys are very familiar with, given the kind of aid they usually have to give during hurricane season.

In preparation for the coming storm, the unit had noted a day earlier that they would normally ensure all equipment was battle ready – inclusive of chain saws and other essentials they might be called to utilise in various

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