Partying all night long

cropover2013razzmatazzRazzmatazz Entertainment will be jumping From Dusk Till Dawn on August 3 as it aims to create a distinct experience on the road for its band members.

One of the organisers, Lindsay Babb, told Barbados TODAY that razzmatazz means “any exciting and complex play intended to confuse (dazzle) the opponent and we fully intend to dazzle you with our vibrant colors; exhilarating sounds and specialized drinks as we party in true Foreday Mornin’ style with our paint and mud”.

The band has four sections: Sippers, for those persons who come to party and hangout at the bar – just for the drinks, Chippers, they enjoy the music as they chip on the road drink in hand; Fetters, they do just that, they just party and From Dusk Till Dawn who are the true party animals; they go from sun down to sun up, like the 10 to 10 fete, capture all the aspects of Foreday.

Babb noted: “Our specially mixed road drinks will be the Razzmatazz Punch and the Jump Kick. We made a special brew from Kick the energy drink, mixed especially as one of sponsors is Armstrong Agencies. The $125 inclusive package will include T-Shirts for the guys, baby Ts and bottoms for the women, non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages on the road, a music truck featuring the hottest DJs and ebullient sounds, breakfast, security, paint/mud and much more.

Our road DJs – Black Scorpion International; G-Lock; Blade International; Doobie International; Ras Judah from the UK.”

He thanked their sponsors – Kick; Magnum; Appleton Rum, Armstrong Agencies; RMJ Agengies; Reflections Photo Studio;; Distinctively Creative: IDesign; and Natasha’s Variety for working with them.

In addition to the Aquaholics Pool Party they have on Sunday at Divi Southwinds Resort, there will be bar limes to help with the cost of putting the band on the road.

Revellers can sign up at any of those limes or at Natasha’s Variety in Black Rock; or contact any member of the Razzmatazz Group – LadyMillion – 243-8230; Fiba – 828-4913; Cameron – 230-6438

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