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NexCyx rocks France

NexCyx in Cognac - The band and Wyclef Jean pause for a photo opportunity while out at dinner.

NexCyx in Cognac – The band and Wyclef Jean pause for a photo opportunity while out at dinner.

On July 1, Barbados pop band NexCyx opened the Cognac Blues Passions Festival with an island-inspired performance. Three days later, the group feted executives with an upbeat stage set at the Mo√t Hennessy LaTAMEC party.

In a concert titled From Blues to Hip-Hop: A Family Story, NexCyx shared the stage with Wyclef Jean at the newly restored former bottling plant of Hennessy. The venue is located on the historic Rue de la Richonne and set the stage for the concert celebration of the festival’s 20th anniversary.

The five-member band performed their newest single, Eternal Summer, along with a set of original hit music. The 45-minute performance also included a high-powered Michael Jackson tribute.

“We were extremely happy to be in France to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Cognac Blues Passions Festival. We were even happier to have shared the stage with Wyclef Jean, who is a great musical mentor and performer; said vocalist Mahalia.

On July 4, NexCyx performed at the Mo√t Hennessy LaTAMEC Party, an internal event for the global brand’s team and business network in Latin America, the Caribbean, Canada, Africa and The Middle East.

Originally planned to run for 15 minutes, the band’s performance time tripled as the 200 VIP guests partied to NexCyx’ original hits and chart-topping singles from contemporary artists, including Maroon 5’s Moves Like Jagger.

The group, named winners of Hennessy’s Chase the music. Own the stage contest in 2012 also met this year’s awardees at the event.

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