LIAT removes response videos after taking a beating

regionaliatsvideoST JOHN’S — LIAT opted to pull a pair of videos, which it released on Monday in response to the complaint letter brought to light by Virgin Atlantic owner Sir Richard Branson, after negative feedback.

In the first video, LIAT’s director for commercial and customer experience Leeasa Parris-Rudder thanked Branson for “putting LIAT, the Caribbean airline, on the world stage”, and challenged him to a race.

But the attempt to leverage the huge global attention received from the complaint letter in the airline’s favour backfired.

The video quickly attracted a barrage of undesirable feedback and was heavily down-rated on social networks including LIAT’s official YouTube, Twitter and Facebook networks.

One person commented, “Lacks wit, taste and intellect. And she’s corny. Plus why take jabs at Richard — he didn’t pen the letter.”

People criticised the airline for being childish, unprofessional, embarrassing, for responding in poor taste and failing to take the criticisms seriously.

The second video was a more serious attempt by Parris-Rudder to address the concerns outlined in the complaint letter written by Arthur Hicks and sent to a British Virgin Islands newspaper earlier this year.

“We have been investigating this matter internally and have not found any letters of complaint lodged within our customer relations department,” Parris-Rudder said.

She went on to note the airline has found no complaints of lost bags but noted that Hicks does travel “quite frequently with us” and is “a valuable customer”.

“We are still in the process of speaking to the passenger to get some more details and to ensure that this passenger is satisfied,” Parris-Rudder said.

The head of commercial and customer experience also noted they hoped to piggyback on the publicity received from the complaint letter, which was picked up by some of the biggest media houses in the UK, US, Australia and elsewhere.

However all evidence of both videos was removed by the airline early yesterday after social network users criticised the response. (Antigua Observer)

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