Recognised for achievements

by Erica Yarde-Greenidge: Teacher

Makayla Cox of Class 4 receives T he Tremelle Perch Award for Excellence in Academics & Sports from PTA president Glendene Sealy.

Under the theme Celebrating Our Achievements, The St. Bartholomew’s Primary School held its annual prize giving ceremony in the school hall, last Thursday afternoon.

From Nursery to Class Four, the students were recognised for their deportment, conduct, kindness, helpfulness, good work, attendance at school, perseverance and determination; academic excellence, noted improvements, participation in Inter-School Christian Fellowship, outstanding art and craft creations and their sporting achievements.

Arguably, the footballers were the toasts of the celebrations. They all received certificates of excellence in football, having finished fourth in the just concluded BICO/NSC Primary Schools Football Tournament. They had advanced to the tournament’s knockout round as runners-up from Zone 7.

In his absence, team captain, Thierry Gale, was awarded the Tremelle Perch Award for Excellence in Sports and Athletics for the second successive year. Gale is currently on tour, in Cleveland, United States, with his club, Pro Shottas. They are participating in an international youth tournament there.

The Tremelle Perch Award for Excellence in Academics and Sports went to Makayla Cox while Jennique Taylor received the award for Excellence in Academics.

The school also used the prize giving ceremony to mount its BMEX exhibit, From Trash To Treasure to allow all its staff and students to view the many items which had been created and displayed.

Here is the full list of prizes, awards and recipients:

Most Outstanding Athlete — Kionna Ward

Most Improved Athlete — Tyreeke Rice

Most Disciplined Athlete — Thierry Jones (showcases good deportment, team spirit and sportsmanship)

Good All-Round Performance (Cricket) — Jediah Blades, Danon Scott

Good wicket-keeping and the highest batting score — Thierry Gale


Jelani Ward — Kindness

Mya Cox — Good Conduct

Leondra Thomas — Helpfulness


Sarah Green — Good Work

Zedeki Henry — Most Improved

Jalen Best — Good Work and Good Conduct

Infants A

Leon Thomas — Attendence

Kayla Mahon — Good Work

Adisia Lovell — Deportment

Infants B

Janae Jordan-White — Good Work

Diego Pilgrim — Attendance

Jakeem Greenidge — Good Conduct

Class 1-2

Justin Pearce — Good Conduct & 1st in Class

Amare Lewis — Good Conduct & 2nd in Class

Damonte Holder — Good Conduct & 3rd in class

Class 1-1

Shakyra Boucher — Excellent Academic Performance

Thiarra Jones — Good Conduct

Antonio Browne — Good Conduct & Excellent Academic Performance

Class 2

Thierry Jones — Excellent Academic Performance

Shona Layne — Very Good Conduct

Nekoda Straker — Determination and Perseverance

Class 3-2

Jelani Lewis — Academics

Shamar Bruce — Reading

Ann-Marie Burrows — Good Conduct

Class 3-1

Romario Miller-Jones — Helpfulness

Jennique Taylor — Academics

Keann Browne — Consistent Work

Art and Craft

Daniesha Adams

Danielle Griffith

Emile Morgan

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