Mikey spreading HOPE

mikeybringinghopeReigning Party Monarch, Sweet Soca and Tune of the Crop winner Michael Mikey Mercer is a cheerful giver.

And again this year, he is reaching out to those less fortunate through his Team Mikey’s HOPE Foundation.

The popular entertainer said that Team Mikey found in their investigations that there are a lot more hungry children in Barbados than people choose to admit.

“We have decided to focus on children so we got some bright coloured shirts and our whole concept is to try to give hope to the lesser fortunate kids. All the funds from the sale of the HOPE shirts will be going to the children. The Child Care Board have assisted in trying to purchase some stuff for the children’s ward and however we can help we will. Team Mikey is actually in the process of adopting a child from the Child Care Board where we will be assisting with school clothes and food and such like that.

“We are very passionate about it because we do understand that the children are the future and we are trying to do as much with the kids as much as possible and after Crop-Over we will be continuing with the Team Mikey scholarships that we started last year,” Mikey said.

He said they were hoping for more sales as this equates to more money going towards the children.

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