Cops kill two brothers

KINGSTON — A Red Hills Road community is now tense, after two brothers were allegedly killed by the police last night.

The dead men have been identified as 29-year-old Gary Cooke and 20-year-old Soyoga Cooke of Kingston addresses.

Residents of the community mounted roadblocks some time after the incident which transpired minutes after 11 p.m., however, it was soon cleared by the police.

Residents allege that Soyoga Cooke was dropping his brother Gary Cooke at a friend’s house in the community when they were stopped by the police and asked what they were doing there.

The residents further claim that the police opened fire on Soyoga killing him and when his brother Gary made an attempt to run he was also killed.

The police say a semi-automatic pistol was recovered. (Gleaner)

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