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One calypsonian wants the stalwarts to be more involved in the Crop-Over Festival.

On Target, a member of the Kingdom of Super Gladiators Calypso Tent told Barbados TODAY that he would like to see some of the veteran calypsonians play a developmental role and this is one of the reasons he wrote Give Him A Share, which is a tribute to Romeo who last performed with Bacchanal Time.

“I was concerned about calypsonians bowing out, some with physical challenges like Romeo and not being looked at any more but being sent in the back just to relax. I think that Romeo even though he had a physical challenge he still can talk, he still can talk, and move around.

“I think the NCF, because they are the people that everyone looks up to, if they have judging nights and so on he can be picked to judged the junior monarch [competition], Party Monarch or whatever he should be given a chance to play a part and just as they have Ronnie D who sang calypso for a long time as part of the association, they can find room for him and let him know he’s not left out.

“My time is coming and others are coming. We don’t what situation we may find ourselves in. We need to feel as though someone is still thinking of us. The festival is not only about the younger folks who are now coming in, it’s about those who started way back who made the festival what it was at that time and onward.

“I’m not pulling down the young people because they have a part to play in the history but sometimes when I hear Larry Mayers playing some of those old tunes that had so much information in them I’m glad to hear that is what he’s doing. Without guys like Larry playing those older song we wouldn’t know where we really came from as far as calypso is concerned,” On Target said. (DS)

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