Celebration time!

by Judy Cox (A parent)

Around this time in the Packs around the island, there is always a time which is set aside to acknowledge the hard work of the boys and for the boys and their parents to show appreciation to the Leaders who would have inculcated the many values into their lives over the period of four to five years.

The third annual Closing Ceremony of the First Barbados Sea Scouts Cub Pack was held on Saturday, 6th July, 2013 at the Ann Gill Methodist Church. The event’s aim was to celebrate all of the Cub Scouts’ achievements over the past year, especially the Class 4 boys who will be graduating from Cubs. Present at this ceremony as our specially invited guest was the Chief Commissioner of the Barbados Boy Scouts Association, Dr. Nigel Taylor.

This year, ten Class 4 boys, namely Avery Boucher, Christian Clarke, Jonathan Cox, Jarone Fields, Zachary Hoyte, Jon-Pierre Hinds, Isaiah Gibson, Benjamin Washington, Alexander Cropper and Zachary Alexander would have completed the Cub Scouts phase of the Scouting programme.

Of the ten (10) Class 4 boys who were “graduating” from the Cub Scout Section, eight attained the Mahogany Award at this year’s award ceremony, and even more delightful is the fact that seven of these boys will be moving on to be Scouts.

The programme was a wonderful one with Pearline Walcott giving the opening remarks, sharing the concepts used in the Parable of the Talents. She challenged the Cubs to be like the first two (2) servants who used the talents given and invested them. She encouraged them not to be lazy and be branded as worthless. She also told the boys to recognise that they are all unique and not try to be someone else.

At the end of her remarks, her advice to the boys was very timely. She remarked that with God’s help, they can be the best that they can. Adding flavour to the proceedings and the address, she shared with the Cubs a self-penned poem:

“According to my ability

With the talents in my hand

And a determined plan

I will discharge my responsibility

Expecting greater opportunities

Earning “well done” for my increase”.

Cub Scout of the Year

The Cub of the Year 2012-2013 for the Group was Christian Clarke who gave a speech titled My Life as a Cub Scout. In it he highlighting all of the activities that both he and his friends did together throughout their Cubs Life. He thanked both parents and Cub Leaders for providing them with the rewarding experiences that they all have achieved. This quiet young man is eagerly looking forward to making his mark in history at Queen’s College come September 2013.

Christian was presented with this award in recognition of his outstanding work in the Pack. It was also mentioned that he was exceptional in his presentations to many activities both at Group and at the District level. Christian was also a member of the Second Place Spelling Bee team.

All of us as parents are extremely proud of the way our sons were nurtured through the Cub Scout programme and the effective way the Leaders demonstrated life to the youngsters.

Special Singing

No ceremony can be complete without musical selections. The First Sea Scouts Cub Pack, ably directed by their Akela Ms Victorene Johnson, sang Joyful, Joyful. Benjamin Washington and Shacobi Best each did us proud by singing individual solos in this song. This was well received by all.

Additionally Kristo Jay Paul sang dedicating two special selections to the Cubs and the gathering that were present. You Raised Me Up and Miracles were the selections of choice and she dedicated Miracles to the Cub Scouts and reminded that they should always remember that they will achieve when they believe.

Presentation of Awards

Smiles were all around as each of the Class 4 boys was given a Trophy to commemorate their successful completion of the Cub Scouts programme. These were presented to the Cubs by their Cub Leaders Victorene Johnson and Andre Bradshaw.

Kim Tatem was present at the ceremony and she made the Cubs feel ever so special as she presented Christian Clarke, Jarone Fields, Avery Boucher, Benjamin Washington, Mario Carter, Zachary Hoyte, David Cox and Jonathan Cox with vouchers sponsored by Duty Free Barbados in recognition to their perfect attendance to Cub Scouts meetings and other related activities.

Lisa Harewood likewise presented Kyle Bascombe, Kareem Burgess, Mario Carter, Christian Clarke, Jonathan Cox, Jarone Fields, Jon-Pierre Hinds, Zachary Hoyte, Adam Trotman and Benjamin Washington with Certificates of Achievement for their successful completion of the Sign Language Course.

Not be left out were the Leaders of the Cubs Pack. The Group Scout Leader Edwena Armstrong, Victorene Johnson, Andre Bradshaw and Shone Gibbs were each presented with tokens donated by the parents of the Cub Scouts for their tireless service and dedication to the boys.

Edwena Armstrong also received what could have been deemed a surprise award from the Cub Leaders, parents and the Cubs of the First Barbados Sea Scouts. This award was presented to her by the Chief Commissioner. It was noted that Armstrong’s commitment to the Group is unparalleled and it was through her vision that the Group can boast of having fully functioning and vibrant Sections in the Beavers, Cubs and Scouts.

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