Students set high goals

Shamia Atwell being presented with prizes.
Shamia Atwell being presented with prizes.

It is only two years since the amalgamation of two southern schools to formed the Blackman and Gollop Primary School and already the 2013 graduates are showing they how to set high goals, while being focussed and determined.

At their graduation ceremony today at the Christ Church Parish Church Center, Church Hill, Christ Church, Principal Joslyn Brewster stated in her report that all 70 graduates earned places in government secondary schools. In addition to that, valedictorian Kaleah Hall who will be headed to her school of choice, The St. Michael School, was one of the the top 10 performing students island wide in this year’s exam.

“I am sure that it was a painful process sometimes but now you are ready — ready to go shining in the dark places and light the world. You are all different and will not choose the same path but whatever you do, give of your best …” Brewster said.

She reminded the parents of their importance to the success of their children.

“Establish and maintain healthy relationships with them, your role as parents should not be taken lightly. Make the tough choices …, eventually he or she will thank you for being their parent and not their best friend,” she said.

“Help them to adjust to secondary school and be supportive of the school which they attend — schools cannot succeed without your support. Help them shine forth and light the world,” she added.

Featured speaker and Minister of Education, Ronald Jones, stated that most times it was difficult to merge two distinct schools, but noted that he was pleased with how the two schools combined comfortably.

“The whole two years have set a standard that can only become better, only become stronger, can only grow from strength to strength and with the cooperation of community and parents you can only be the best in this country …

“There is no problem with all the schools in Barbados operating as centers of excellence … because essentially what would be taking place is that high quality of education that would be delivered to each and every child in Barbados,” Jones said.

The minister noted that at times he is disappointed because adults limit their children.

“We have people through the length and breath of Barbados creating children who are journeying through life with low self esteem because someone has told them you cannot be what you say you want to be …” he said.

The education minister stated that he would like to see each individual striving to be better because life was not simple and there were constant challenges in life and the capacity must be developed to handle those challenges.

“This was a challenge and these children have dealt with the challenge of being placed in secondary schools in Barbados… It is all about how your light so shines that it not only illuminates your world but it illuminates the world of others,” Jones said

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