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Teacher Moreen Goddard posing with the St. Elizabeth graduating class of 2013.
Teacher Moreen Goddard posing with the St. Elizabeth graduating class of 2013.

To succeed against the odds is not easy, but today graduates of the St. Elizabeth Primary School were advised on how to succeed in such circumstances.

During the graduation ceremony at the St. Elizabeth Primary School, St. Joseph, Principal Ingrid Prescod told them that their journey had just started and they would face many challenges. However, she assured them that they could overcome them and be successful. “You have done it before and with God’s help you can do it again! Remember you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you,” Prescod said. “I know that some of you are disappointed that you were not going to the school of your choice but I want to let you know that no matter which school you attend the syllabuses are the same.

“The CXC exams will be the same and you can attend the same university since there is only one in Barbados… Keep striving for excellence in all that you do!”

Featured speaker, attorney-at-law Andrew Pilgrim told the audience that when he graduated he asked himself if he would be able to say that he was inspired by his teachers, and his answer was yes.

“To teachers and staff, you must remember that school is just a building and a field. What makes them special or inspires children to do well is the people who were there,” he said.

“There is no amount of … buildings or [anything of that sort] which will make them into well rounded individuals without the guidance of teachers.”

He then told the graduates to “cut a hand of bananas”, which was his own proverb, which meant when all is done it is not one or two bananas cut but a bunch suggesting that anything achieved should be shared with others.

Pilgrim then told them to “do the dishes if you want to go to the fair” meaning, if they want to reach a goal they must make an effort and even sacrifice when they may not like it.

In speaking about the environment, Pilgrim said that they should “pelt way de orange peel but not the sweetie paper” because some plastics are not bio degradable unlike the skin of fruits and vegetables. His final parable was: “Do not skin yuh teeth like a puppet but show some love”. This, he explained, was a reminder that “you should not be overly humerous when trying to make a good impression, but make an effort to be positive and change the world”.

Valedictorian for the class of nine graduates, Ishacha Messiah, advised her colleagues to follow the theme and overcome the obstacles they will encounter.

“Look to God because he is your help. The test is not there to break you but to make you,” she said. (MR)

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