Respectfulness and obedience

Valedictorian Kishanna Williams receiving a plaque for academic excellence.
Valedictorian Kishanna Williams receiving a plaque for academic excellence.

Respectfulness and obedience were this week offered to graduating students of the Eagle Hall Primary School as important keys to life.

Their importance was emphasised in the message of principal Orlando Jones as he addressed the school’s annual graduation ceremony.

To the 40 students who successfully wrote the 2013 Barbados Secondary School Entrance Examination, the principal said: “You have come to the end of your primary education. I commend you for successfully completing that stage, but just remember you are on a continuum.

“There is much more for you to learn. Just keep the mantra ever before you — Be always respectful and obedient to everyone. I therefore present you with those two keys of like.” Jones also admonished parents to ensure they remained involved in the education of their children as they take on the challenges of secondary schools.

“Thank you for choosing Eagle Hall Primary School to educate your child. Continue to encourage your child to actualise all of the social graces for these are tools to a successful life. Remember they can and will unlock doors which the best education cannot.”

Among the terms he advise that children should never neglect to use were: thank you, excuse me please, pardon me, may I help you, along with such virtues as honesty, obedience, respectfulness, kindness, gratitude, friendliness and helpfulness.

The top boy at the school in this year’s exam was Leland Boyce, who scored 212.67 “C”, while the top girl was Keishanna Williams, whose score was 226.02 “A”. They have both been awarded places at the Alleyne School.

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