Reaching for the stars

Graduates and Class Teacher A. Boyce.
Graduates and Class Teacher A. Boyce.

“Reaching for the stars will be a challenge and will require vision, ambition, determination and strength.”

This advice came from featured speaker and Acting Director of the Child Care Board, Denise Nurse, at the Half Moon Fort Primary School Graduation Ceremony in Clinketts Garden, St. Lucy.

The graduating class of 10 was told that having reached the end of their primary school journey they would now be venturing forth into the exciting world of secondary education, their quest for knowledge would be wide and varied, but they should not be afraid.

“Reach for the stars as you make each stride, create an impression and impact thereby creating a pathway for the next stride, but at each rung take note of those persons that you are passing on the way up. To reach is to make an effort, to go beyond one’s comfort zone and stretch beyond one’s usual height. To get to something that seems far away one has to stretch,” Nurse said.

The guest speaker then explained: “The stars are above one’s head. The stars are way up in the sky. They appear to be far away, just as sometimes one’s goals seem to be far away. In order to try to touch a star one has to reach up. Likewise, in order to reach one’s goals, dreams and hopes, one has to reach.”

The director also told the graduates that once there was a dream worth pursuing — something that would change the world for good — then

it was worth reaching for. Despite age, gender or financial position, any one can reach for the stars as long they believe that they can do something for the good of themselves and mankind, she added.

The parents were reminded that they were given a mandate from God to ensure that their children reached for the stars. Nurse pointed out that the Bible states that “a parent should train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it”.

“Parents, if you start to train your child to be excellent from now, when he or she is old he or she will naturally want to reach for the best in life,” the child protection advocate said. “In the face of negativity, he or she will flourish. Parents, children need to be taught courage. It is not always easy to be brave and to always press on in the face of opposition, so children need to learn how to encourage themselves.”

The graduation class was told to exercise their right to choose, but to do so wisely. Nurse said whichever school the students attend they needed to be focussed and committed to the work.

“Remember all things are possible with God. Children, remember that you are special and you can showpeople how special you are by always trying to do your best in whatever you have to do. Then, you won’t have far to ‘Reach for the Stars’, as you will be right next to them.” (MR)

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