Police boot gay clan from abandoned house

Under close watch by a police officer.
Under close watch by a police officer.

KINGSTON — Members of a gay clan wept with despair late yesterday, after a large contingent of police booted them from a previously abandoned house in upscale Millsborough Avenue, St. Andrew, in which they lived after fleeing from the Golden Triangle.

“If mi go back home, mi dead,” wailed one young man, whose face was bleached white, not unlike other members of his group.

The team of lawmen, wearing dust masks and armed with high-powered weapons, encircled the men in spectacular fashion and herded them out into the yard as they attempted to make their escape.

“Mi a beg you a week to find somewhere else,” pleaded another. “Why the picture (photographs)?” he protested, as a team of journalists and photographers accompanied the police party on the premises.

The police told The Gleaner the building would be demolished today, after residents complained that the men have been wreaking havoc in the usually quiet neighbourhood.

“This location will no longer be habitable because things will change,” said Island Special Constabulary Force commander for the New Kingston Police Post, Christopher Murdoch.

But even as the talkative young men beseeched the police for a chance to remain on the premises for a while longer, they also vociferously sought to distance themselves from rampant perpetrators of a range of crimes, who lurked within their midst.

“Mi willing to push out who a cause the problem,” declared one young man, aged 20, who said he was kicked out of his home in Spanish Town, St. Catherine. “Mi nah rob and mi nah tief and mi nah go no jail for nobody.”

Another man, who said he lived with his family in Spanish Town, confessed that he had to flee from his community after a tape was shown of his admitted sexual escapades in the community.

“Some man shoot after mi and mi have to jump into bush,” he said, as he sought to explain why he sought refuge in Millsborough. (Gleaner)

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