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At this time of year, school graduations are prevalent in Barbados. I have been fortunate over many years to have been invited to attend some of these graduations.

On Tuesday July 2, I attended the Deacons Primary School’s Graduation Ceremony and I was really impressed by the featured speaker Dr. Stephen L. Boyce, Project Officer (Education), Delegation of the European Union to Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean.

Although Boyce was speaking to the graduates of the school, I felt that his topic could have easily been delivered to some of us in business. He spoke to the children about seven steps to crafting their future. Today I will share those same seven steps with all of my readers.

Step 1. Know where you are going (define your goals in life). I am sure that many of us in business have business plans, but those plans would have been written for business under normal circumstances. The question is have we defined our goals based on what is happening in today’s economic environment.

Step 2. Find your why (determine your passion and motivation). Why do you get up in the morning? Why do you want to go to work each day? Why do you choose your particular career? This is what is sometimes called “Finding Your Why”. Your why is your passion. I encourage you to find those things you like most in life. Research them in, discuss them with others, work on them every day, and do them well.

Step 3. Take control (take responsibility for your life and actions). Taking control does not mean being bossy, manipulating a situation, or always trying to get your own way. Taking control means having control over your actions; knowing the difference between right and wrong; and making the best choices. When you take control of a problem or situation, you also take control of the solution.

Step 4. Think, listen, and learn (try to understand before being understood). Through listening to others and understanding their experiences, you have the opportunity to get different perspectives on the same topic, find new ways to achieve our goals, and not to make similar mistakes to them.

Step 5. Connect with others (but choose your friends carefully). Some may try to encourage you to engage in less desirable activities that may detract you from your goals and realising your dreams. Your choice of friends will therefore be one of your most important decisions as you craft your fate. It is up to you to associate yourself with positive or negative people. Remember, that your friends are a reflection of your own standards, if you accept mediocrity in others; you are increasing your own mediocrity.

Step 6. Stay positive (have a winning can-do attitude). Negativity is infectious. Pessimistic people like to share this infection among others and sometimes we just need to stop it in its. Your first option is to reduce your level of interaction with them. Next, you need to remind them of more positive in life through a reuse of memories of happier time.

Step 7. Celebrate your success (enjoy what you are doing). You will ultimately derive your success from doing what we do best ever better; and changing the approach that led a negative outcome.

I thank you, Dr. Boyce, for sharing your wisdom with the graduates of Deacons Primary school and allowing me to share it with my readers.

*Tourism is our business, let us play our part.

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