Encourage gifted children

We have recently gone through a common test for children based on the year of their production; yes, the 11-plus or Common Entrance Exam.

They are not machines, each one is different from the other, never mind their production date.

Are educators aware that many children born within the last 20 years or even before have exceptional qualities at birth. Are mathematics teachers still asking for students to “show the working?” Are the teachers still drilling their charges to “show the working, if not it is wrong?” Are parents still beating their children because they are not “showing the working?” Please stop!

Today’s children, variously called Indigo or Star children and often diagnosed with Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and are subsequently treated as such may also well possess higher level skills and abilities above their age. They may frequently ask questions to the distraction of parent or teacher.

Their energy may seem to be boundless. Let them run. Often they may have answers or comments which leave adults stunned at their knowledge. Encourage them.

It would be useful for the media to devote space or time to parents and teachers who would share how they have dealt positively with these gifted children. There are more and more of them being born.

Recently I heard of a four-year old giving sound advice to his disputing parents on how to heal their relationship. Listen to your children, they may give you solutions never before thought of or yet again you may be surprised at their “knowing” at such a tender age. This is their time, this is their star factor.

— Michael Rudder

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