Cutting costs

cropover2013foredayjammersSome ForeDay Mornin bands are feeling the pinch of the economic recession and a reduction in sponsorship but one of them has refused to give up.

Only in its second year, Peppalicious Jammers’ bandleader Malina Brathwaite said that the band – themed Black Out will have black costumes due to the cost of colour.

“Sponsorship is really difficult we are still waiting on a potential sponsor but apart from that we’ve got none. We had to throw a little fete here and there to get money for our thing. The costumes [consist] of a plain black T-Shirt with the name of the band on the back and black out to the front, baby-tees for the girls and plain black T-Shirts for the men,” she said.

When asked if the lack of sponsorship had deterred her Brathwaite said, ” I am not giving up! We will continue next year and hope for the best.” (MR)

Photos by Paul Osbourne and graphics by Anderson Nurse

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