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lestervaughncrestThe Lester Vaughan School security guard, accused of severely beating one of its male students, could soon know whether he will remain employed with that St. Thomas institution.

The 44 year old Balls Land, Christ Church man, Vernon Sylvester Lyte, was arrested and charged yesterday with serious bodily harm, after the 15 year old Mount Hillaby, St. Thomas school boy was allegedly beaten on Sunday night and left near death.

The charge arose out of an incident on the compound of the Copacabana Club on Bay Street, St. Michael. Principal of the school Diana Wilson told Barbados TODAY this afternoon that she had no authority to suspend anyone, in response to a query by this newspaper as to whether rumours of the guard’s suspension were true.

“I have no authority to suspend anyone, only the board can do that. The best person to direct that question to is the chairman, but he is travelling. But as far as I am aware, the security guard is still employed with the school and has not been suspended,” Wilson disclosed.

The principal pointed out, though, that she was certain the board would meet “at some point in time” and discuss the matter regarding the future association of Lyte with the school.

“This thing only happened yesterday — the court hearing,” she added.

When Lyte appeared in the District “A” Magistrate’s Court to answer the charge, he was released on $10,000 bail with one surety, and ordered to return on October 29. The student remained at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital today, and while, as his mother Lisa Edwards told this paper, her son can now talk and that some of the tubes were removed, he was still in pain and could not eat.

“He is a lot better than he was at first. The tubes are out of his nose, but he’s still in a lot of pain from the surgery to his stomach. The stitches have to come out and the cut has to now heal. He can’t eat yet either,” Edwards added.

“I am still here holding on,” she noted, with respect to how she was taking the impact the incident has been having on her. (EJ)

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  1. D July 6, 2013 at 4:11 pm

    If my child was student of that school and the head master was to rehired that me my child would not go back to that school sorry .I WILL BE AFRAID that he will hurt someone again in that school or he may be the one to get hurt also never know for the safety of the kids in the school and the guard.

  2. Ramona Morris July 6, 2013 at 8:45 pm

    now all of a sudden you gine hear people talking bout lester vaughan is bad based on one person’s actions. fact it that if this was harrison’s college, queens or any of the older secondary schools people would talk differently. i went to school here from 2003-2008. lyte was cool. i was a proud lester vaughan student before and after this incident. i aint shame to say i went school there.

  3. Julie Hamilton July 8, 2013 at 8:20 am

    I am so sorry to hear of this incident and send my thoughts and kind wishes to Mrs Edwards and her son, and hope he recovers well and soon.


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